We are passionate about photographing people taking part in what is often one of the hardest and or most profound experiences of their lives. The emotion felt while attempting an ultramarathon, for instance, can be the most intense anyone will ever feel. It is an honour to photograph this experience for our customers.

Photos4sale deploys photographers that understand the emotional and the technical aspects of the sport. We photograph all participants at scenic locations and at the finish line. Photos4sale uses a contractor model and pays photographers the majority of the profit from the sales they generate.

Photos4sale provides a robust online platform capable of handling large numbers of images. Images are identified by bib numbers (by human eye for accuracy and flexibility) and then offered for sale directly to athletes.

We believe in the honesty and judgment of our customers and offer images with no fixed price. Photos4sale customers pay what they want!

If you'd like to explore the idea of P4S PWYW at your event, or you are a photographer selling athlete images via a less awesome system, please get in touch!

Allan Ure


+64 21 1145359